Swimming the around the Busselton Jetty has just got easier.

Thanks to our new partnership with Swimming Women, we have FREE training programs available to help participants reach their swimming goals.

The training programs have been created by Charlie O’Beirne, the founder and head coach of Swimming Women, a south-west organisation offering group swimming classes and training sessions, primarily to women, in a ‘no pressure’ environment. A competitive swimmer in her native UK, Charlie has completed the Busselton Jetty Swim multiple times, and coached hundreds of people to do the since establishing her business 10 years ago.

The eight-week training programs are tailored to the Busselton Jetty Swim and include programs for the signature 3.6km solo swim, as well as the One Mile Swim to Shore and Simons 500m Short-cut events.

To supplement the training programs a series of YouTube videos offering tips specific to Jetty Swim have also been made available.

To download the training programs, go to our Training and Nutrition page.

Entries are also still available in the Simon’s 500m Shortcut Swim, and the Kids Swim, via our entry page