Jetty Swim’s 2024 Ambassador, Jaime Bowler, can’t quite remember how many times she has participated in the event, but she’s been the fastest female across the line 9 times and broken the women’s record twice!

As the 2024 Ambassador, the well known endurance swimmer will work with the committee to promote our event.

According to Jaime there is nothing quite like the Jetty swim.

“It’s such a fun event, a great challenge, and the vibe is incredible. There are so many people from all walks of life participating, and everyone is so kind and supportive, celebrating each other’s achievements.”

The full-time nurse and mother of two also she clearly remembers the first time she swam the Busselton Jetty Swim – because it coincided with her wedding anniversary.

“A girlfriend convinced me to do it. She’d told me about the Jetty Swim’s amazing atmosphere, and said: you’ll do it once, and you’ll want to do it every year, which is exactly what happened.” 

“I initially felt guilty about missing my anniversary, but now every year it’s like, bye husband I’m off to do the Jetty Swim!”

In addition to the signature 3.6km swim around the Jetty, this year Jaime will be swimming alongside her husband and daughters in the Simon’s 500m Short cut-category.

“Simon’s 500m Short is the perfect opportunity to warm up for the main event or get started in open water swimming. We are doing it as a family, but my husband and I are quite competitive, so I expect it might become a bit of race, and he will probably beat me! “

Jaime also offered some advice to anyone doing their first Jetty Swim.

“At the starting line you will be nervous, and you’ll be questioning why you are doing it, but just focus on your own race and remember this is about you, meeting your own challenge”, she said.

“But I promise you, when I see you at the finish line, you will feel completely different. You will be over the moon with happiness.”

Jaime Bowler Is The 2024 Jetty Swim Ambassador 1



Consistent training will build your confidence and endurance, so you can enjoy the event.

This is your time, try to focus on your own swim.

Because the jetty swim is fun! You will feel so happy once you cross the finish line.