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Road Safety

Event organisers recommend participants and spectators who are intending to drive to Busselton for the event, should prepare a fatigue management plan prior their drive.

Some simple tips to manage fatigue and consider in the lead up to the event.

  • Plan your trip and allow for scheduled stops to help keep you alert.
  • Be aware of how much sleep you have had in the previous nights before the drive and event. A lack of sleep in the few days before can impact your fatigue management for the drive.
  • If possible, share the driving, swap drivers every 200km / 2hrs, or if you feel tired.
  • Create a fatigue management plan – this may be a big weekend for some competitors, not only the swim but the potential of a long drive before and after the event.
  • Ensure you have planned for regular stops on both drives to stop and revive.

If you notice signs of fatigue, it is best to get out of the car, walk around for a bit and have a drink, this will help a driver remain focused.

  • Can’t stop yawning
  • Begin to blink
  • Start squinting
  • Have trouble keeping your head up
  • Eyes close for a moment or go out of focus
  • Wandering, disconnected thoughts
  • Can’t remember driving the last few kilometres
  • You have slowed unintentionally
  • Break too late
  • Drift over the centre line or to the left or right
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Some suggested resources to manage your fatigue and prepare for the drive to and from the event.


Would you like to Volunteer?

Like every event, the Sunsmart Busselton Jetty Swim is entirely reliant on volunteer support. Are you able to help out on the weekend of 12th or 13th February, or do you have a family member or friend who would like to join our volunteers? We look after our volunteers to ensure everyone has a great day; we supply refreshments and a t-shirt, plus endless entertainment.

We have a variety of jobs to be done on Saturday, or Sunday, or both days if you are keen, and you will be briefed on the tasks involved prior to commencement of your rostered time.

In 2022 we will again be running the Kids Swim.  To volunteer to help with any of the kids activities, you will need to have a WWCC (you will be asked for the card number and expiry date when you register).

Thankyou in anticipation of your support, we will gladly welcome you aboard. For more information about the volunteer roles, times, duties and benefits please click on the button below.

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How to register as a Volunteer

Volunteer registration is completed online – please click on the register button below and complete our registration form.  Don’t forget to ‘order’ your t-shirt when you register – you need to select your size and add it to the cart (there is no charge).

In line with the WA Safe Transition Plan, volunteers will be required to present proof of double vaccination.

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If you’d like to contact us for more information please email volunteer@busseltonjettyswim.org.au

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