Brigitte Borelli - Volunteer Assistant 1

Volunteer Assistant

Brigitte, recently retired, previously worked in the computer industry then had a long career as a baker and a pastry chef. Brigitte is no stranger to endurance events having participated in Busselton Jetty Swim nine times.

Brigitte joined the committee in 2021 as she believes the event has a great impact on the community and the city since it has been created.
Brigitte believes joining the committee is a really inspiring experience to help in the realization and in the achievement of such an event. Giving back to the community is very important to her.

As a West Busselton resident, Brigitte enjoys opera, classical music, art, food, sports and gardening.

Brigitte will be assisting committee member Sue Barrett with Volunteer Management and assisting the 120+ volunteers who support the event over the weekend to ensure each and everyone has a valuable experience.