Wendy Paine 1

Retired Member

Wendy retired as a member of the committee at the end of the 2021 Event.  She is a working director of Planet Graphics and throughout her time on Committee Wendy used her skills and experience as a Graphic Artist to raise the profile of the event.

Wendy and her husband Roger had been involved with Busselton Allsports since about 2002, having created the web & online resources including the event website from 2005 onwards.  In the earlier years of her involvement, when the event was much smaller, she designed many of the merchandise ‘themes’, and designed and screen printed the t-shirts and calico bags, some of which won national screen print awards.   In 2007 Wendy was invited to join the committee to provide assistance with artwork, graphic design and website management, which she continues to perform to this day.

When Wendy isn’t working, she spends her leisure time Mountain Bike riding, camping and enjoys making natural beauty & personal care products with a focus on health & wellness. Wendy and Roger live in Busselton, they have 2 adult daughters and 4 grandchildren.