Swimmers Briefing Notes for the SunSmart Busselton Jetty Swim 2017 has not been finalised.  The information below is from the 2015 event which is displayed to provide you with a general idea of how the event proceeds.  When the 2015 Swimmers Briefing Notes are available, they will be published here, so please check back again shortly.

This information is still subject to change - updated 10 September 2015


The race organizers and sponsors take this opportunity to welcome you to the SunSmart Busselton Jetty Swim 2015.
For the event to run smoothly and safely it is important that you attend to the following points.

The Course

The swim starts on the East side of the Jetty, rounds the end of the Jetty and finishes on the West side on the beach past the Finish Gate in front of the check-in area. A total distance of approximately 3.6 km.

The shortest route is marked with buoys; you should use these as a guide.

For your safety you must keep a good distance away from the Jetty.

Swimmers or support craft are not permitted to go under any part of the Jetty unless directed by race officials.

Today's swimming conditions are: TBA

Wave Starts

Swimmers will start in waves 2 minutes apart in the following order:

TimeWaveCategorySwim Cap Colour
08:00 Wave A Solo swimmers Yellow
08:01:30 Wave B Solo swimmers Orange
08:03 Wave C Solo swimmers Green
08:04:30 Wave D Solo swimmers Pink
08:06 Wave E Solo swimmers Purple
08:07:30 Wave F Solo swimmers Red
08:10:00 Wave G 2 person relay, first swimmer Blue
08:12:00 Wave H 4 person relay, first swimmer White

You must wear the swim cap provided at race check-in. It indicates your start wave.

Each wave starts in the water with a 30 second call-up. Listen and move promptly when your cap colour is called.


Relay Swimmers

Relay swimmers must tag their team-mate before starting their leg of the swim. 

There are four changeover points.

  • Jetty Platform East : 1.0 km 4R change

  • Allies Landing : 1.4 km 2 R change

  • Observatory Platform : 2.0 km 4R change

  • Jetty Platform West : 2.6 km 4R change

Relay swimmers should know which relay point they are to start from and proceed there after the briefing.

Check the “start and finish points” table in your race information hand-out.

Read the information on our Teams page.

Relay change-over points

The 2 person relay change-over is marked with a large BLUE banner visible from the water.

The 4 person relay change-overs are marked with large WHITE banners.

At each change-over there will be a large pink buoy 20 metres out from the jetty with a rope and floats between.

Swim between the jetty and the buoy to tag your team-mate. Please refer to the diagram you receive at check in.

If you're not changing-over at a relay point or if you're a solo swimmer, please swim outsid the large pink buoys.

Marshalls will monitor swimmer conduct and safety.

Post swim clothing - If you need a towel or clothing at the end of your swim make sure your team-mate takes it for you.

All team swimmers must wear a timing band - The last swimmer will be timed for the team at the finish; the other swimmers should cross a timing mat at the foot of the jetty on their way onto the jetty.  This is to enable us to keep track of who is still in the water at any given time.

Team swimmers may "swim through" past the end of their swim leg and exit the swim over the timing mat at the finish at the foot of the jetty.

The Finish

Swimmers will be timed electronically using the timing band worn which every swimmer must wear.

Please check that  your band is secure on your left ankle.  There is a $25 replacement fee for lost timing bands.

The finish is marked with two large chequered buoys, use these to line up for the finish shute.

Your time will be recorded as you pass over the timing mats some metres past the finish arch.

Assistance will be available for swimmers having difficulty getting up the beach.

Please move promptly through the finish area to keep it clear for following swimmers.

Timing bands are collected as you leave the finish area, then up the steps for your finisher's towel and back to checkin-in for fruit, water and your finishers award.

Provisional finish times will be available from the Results TV, at the check-in tents or via Live Tracker on your mobile.

Official race times will be available at the presentation and at www.busseltonjettyswim.org.au


If you withdraw from the event you must notify check-in as soon as possible and return your timing band. The finishing swimmer in each team is must vouch for the safe return of their team mates.


Considerable effort goes into maximising the safety of participants in this event.

On-water safety  - Surf Life Saving (SLS) will be attending to on-water safety including a diver to monitor the wave starts.  They have jet skis, IRB's, surf skis, board paddlers and spotters on the jetty, life saving equipment and radio communications. They are highly trained for this role and will be highly visible. They are your first option if you help in the water, raise your hand to attract attention.

Tired swimmers may hang on to a ski or a float. Swimmers too far off course will be brought back by SLS.  You will not be disqualified unless your forward progress is aided. 

The swim will be monitored by the Department of Transport for compliance with the Navigable Waters Regulations.  This event has been granted a part exemption from these regulations for bona fide support craft.  Unauthorised craft may not enter the swim exclusion zone (within 250m of the Jetty).

Helicopter patrol
The surrounds of the swim will be patrolled for the presence of sharks prior to and throughout the swim by a trained SLS spotter.  This patrol will be in continuous radio contact with the SLS Swim Director controlling the on-water safety management team and forms part of the documented SLS shark response procedure.

Continuous air horn blasts is the on-water emergency evacuation signal.  Swimmers are to exit at the nearest available point.  There are laddres 75 metres apart along the Jetty marked with RED flags and the landings marked by large pink buoys.  Please follow directions given by the SLS officers on the water or via the public address system on land.

Personal support craft
These are no longer permitted unless pre-approved by the race organiser. Authorized support craft will accompany their swimmer around the course and will be marked with their swimmers race number.

Those concerned by or sensitive to stingers should wear a stinger suit or rash vest and apply a barrier cream.

First Aid
St John’s have a first aid tent adjacent to the Check-in area. If you need help please proceed to the first aid tent.  The St John’s officers can call for an ambulance if required. SLS also has first aid and resuscitation equipment. They have a station on the beach west of the finish area.

Fluid & energy replacement - Bottled water and fresh fruit are freely available at the finish.

Sun - Please use sunscreen, which is freely available at the first aid tent. Wear hats, cover up and seek out shade.

Smoking The Busselton Jetty Swim 2015 is a smoke free event.

The Jetty Structure - Footware is recommended when walking on the jetty. Watch out for the railway tracks.

The Jetty Train will commence operating at 10:00am.

Personal responsibility
The Busselton Jetty Swim 2015 is an ocean swim. You swim in an uncontrolled, natural environment. The weather, sea conditions and sea life, your own exertions and numerous other factors all introduce an element of risk. The race organizers go to considerable lengths to maximise your safety but ultimately it is your choice to swim today. Your welfare is your personal responsibility or the responsibility of your legal guardian.

Further Information
For assistance during the day please ask one of the event crew in the Orange Crew Safety Vests or Crew T shirts

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