Hello, I have done the jetty swim twice now, once for the 150 year anniversary and then last weekend for 2017 which was tough but a great event as always and thoroughly enjoyable - thankyou and your committee for a fantastically organised and run event.
Lea Competitor 2017
Hello and thank you so much for a lovely weekend again. Me and my family did the swim, 4 of us. I have done it 11 times, my son 10 times, my daughter 4 times. We love the jetty swim.
Ryan James Competitor 2017
Thanks for another successful Jetty Swim. It was brutal but we still loved it and are super proud for finishing.  Congratulations to all the organisers, volunteers and first aid people. Conditions surely tested you all this year.
Liz Watts Competitor 2017
This was my first solo swim and I finished unaware that I was suffering from hypothermia. I am most grateful for the assistance provided after the swim by: The lady who took off my ankle timing band.  I could not bend over. The lady who helped me up the steps.  I couldn’t raise my leg high enough to negotiate the bottom step. The St John paramedics and event volunteers who gave me a space blanket, got me out of the wind, and looked after me. The lady who gave got me a hot cup of tea and assisted my wife and me. After the treatment I was well to drive to my motel unit and have a warm shower. I returned hoping to thank some of these people, but I think by this time they had left. I would be most grateful if you could pass on my sincere thanks and gratitude to all these people. Thank you for a well organised swim and I will be returning next year.
Bill Stevens Competitor 2017
Big thank you to the organisers, volunteers and surf rescue. Busselton Jetty Swim is an excellent event which we attend every year, and every year you put on a great weekend. Thank you and looking forward to the Busselton Jetty Swim 2018 :-) Congratulations to all your "staff", you do a great job. THANKYOU
Paul Taylor Competitor 2017
We just wanted to thank you so much for all your help leading up to Busselton Jetty Swim.  It was great working with your Coordinators and we so appreciate all what you organised for us.   The students looked great invading the town and registration with their Busso shirts on and they really appreciated your Ambassador, Madonna Blyth's talk she did on Friday night.  She really is an inspirational young woman, please pass on our heartfelt thanks to her.   We had a wonderful weekend though the weather conditions were obviously tough, but sometimes when it is like that and people have to dig deep to reach their goal, their accomplishment is all the more sweet.   Thank you once again and hope to work with you again next year.
Tracey Quick, Student Services Quinns Baptist College
Awesome event, well organised, 3rd swim and will be back next year. Hopefully a calmer swim next year.
Taryna Botek Competitor 2017
Fantastic event, run very professionally. 1st time swimmer, thinking that a return is inevitable. Maybe not next year, but I will be back.
Kevin Rea Competitor 2017
This event has grown so much, it just keeps getting better every year. A credit to the organisers.
Christina Lisson Competitor 2017
Fantastic well run event my 10th year in a row a bit rough this year but still enjoyed it.
Eric Van Delft Competitor 2017
This was my 5th solo swim. Tougher conditions than usual but was still very enjoyable. The Event has become our Family's mini break away every year. My Wife & Daughter always compete in a team. Massive well done & thanks to all who contribute many hours to The Busselton Jetty Swim. Congratulations we will keep coming back!
Mark Cox Competitor 2017
My 14th solo and probably one of the toughest. It gets bigger and better every year. I just feel a bit sorry when the weather ruins the waterfront entertainment. I'll be back every year till it’s no longer possible.
John Gow Competitor 2017
Thanks to all the volunteers, community for yet another well organised Jetty swim weekend! We have been coming with our family and friends for 10 years now and usually their support crew. It was my first time I swam it, along with another friend, and being a non-swimmer 2 years ago, never thought I would be participant, albeit it was rough I'll be back in the water for next year. Thanks again everyone and Busselton you are Awesome!!
Judy Howe Competitor 2017
I was a spectator and supportive parent of one of the choir children and although the weather conditions weren't ideal, the entire day ran smoothly and was a credit to all involved, both organisers, swimmers and spectators. There was many activities around to entertain the children with games and prizes, etc. The day ended with a wonderful free concert with Shannon Noll that was enjoyed by all who were there. Thank you Busselton for another wonderful event
Rebecca Knight Spectator 2017
This is the second time I have watched friends swim this race and its a great day. Well run friendly organizers and very exciting. My son swam the first kids jetty swim and we will definitely be involved in that again.
 I must say the check in staff were so nice and then today the whole event was brilliant. So proud to be a part of the first kids swim. My son loved it. Congratulations for a well-run event. See you next year. Thanks for a great day!!
Tracy Petty Spectator 2017
This was the first time we have seen the jetty swim. Amazed how many people worldwide came for the swim. Very well organized & the surf rescue people were kept very busy looking after swimmers who could not complete the swim. We enjoyed out stay in Busselton & hope one day we can return.
Bob Bernice Marsh Spectator 2017
Hi Max, Richard, Helen and all your wonderful volunteers, This is the first time in 19 or 20?? swims around our jetty that I have had to ask for assistance. First when my goggles kept leaking and second when I became lost for direction. My very sincere thanks to all my helpers in the water and especially the guys who met me on the beach when I was hypothermic. Also the paramedics who put me in a hot shower and wrapped me until I stopped shivering. This all helped me overcome my embarrassment at coming stone motherless LAST! I now appreciate how thorough your organisation has been for 22 years.
Gwyn Cracknell Competitor 2017
Although I didn’t in fact participate in the 2017 Busselton Jetty Swim again, my family and I enjoyed it just as much as last year! Very many congratulations on what is obviously a highly professionally organised event. I will once again look forward to a brilliant weekend in 2018 in Busselton! Many thanks.
Carole Groves Spectator 2017

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